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 Teen #8 - Bill Kaulitz - Boy in Black

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PostSubject: Teen #8 - Bill Kaulitz - Boy in Black   Thu Aug 12 2010, 13:01

There are already a lot of Forums, Blogs and letters out there that you wrote, letting us know you want Bill Kaulitz in our magazine, and that's why we decided to put this boy on our Hot Boys You're Crazy For list. However except for mentioning him all the time and putting his posters on your walls, you've also been sending us lots of letters, describing your feelings towards him as love, telling us you just can't live without him. Some of the female fans are already on the edge of a true obsession.

What you might not have known about Bill

His nickname is Mecki and his grandmother gave it to him. He weighs only 56 kilograms, but he can weigh even less than that. His life moto is: Live every second.

A cool thing about Bill

He's got two piercings, one on his brow and one oh his tongue. He's got three tattoos - band logo on his neck, star on his lower abdomen and writing "Freiheit 89" on the inside of his left arm, a tattoo which he did when he was 18. (*note - old info)

text on the pic of Bill and Tom: Bill is either loved od hated by girls! There is no middle point.

Bill's success

With his group, Tokio Hotel, he started his career in 2001. 4 years later, Tokio Hotel has become a worldwide accepted, famous band,although most people only saw then as a short fling and a one-hit wonder. Tokio Hotel took their charisma to many different levels all over Europe, a part of Asia and even in the USA. They've swept away many awards and by doing that, they've confirmed their "Superstars" status in the music industry.

Girls have this very weird obsession towards Bill, it seems kind of frightening. But, everything around Bill seems a bit frightening, because he's everything but an ordinary boy. It's enough to just take a look at his style and attitude! Crazy haircut, black hair, a few peircings all over his body, a bit girly in behaviour, strong make-up on his eyes, unusual jewelry - all the things that make him so much different than most of the pretty and shy teenage stars.
Well, we guess that's exactly what makes him irresistable to most girls that aren't really fond of classic beauty.


' Bill . For ever and ever !
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Teen #8 - Bill Kaulitz - Boy in Black
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